It is said that the faster we move into the future, the faster it is that we forget the past and all the lessons that the past holds for us.  This piece of wisdom applies not only to people and their lives, but also geographical places.  Every place which has ever been inhabited by human civilisation slowly develops a unique characteristic of its own, which is unique to it and can not be experienced in any other place.  This character of the place persists even after the people living in it are no longer there, and the primary reason for this is the places of dwelling and work that those people would have so carefully built in it.  Thus, the architectural constructions in a city are symbolically represent its beating heart. 

The buildings in city give it a character that represents all the characteristics of the people living in it.  This character will continue to live on for centuries to come, thus giving the people an aura of immortality.  The style and character of the building gives a good idea about the style and character of the people who built them.  Thus, if one intends to preserve the beautiful uniqueness of their city, the first step to take will be to take measures to conserve its architecture.  It takes a lot of effort to make sure that these relics of a previous age do not succumb to the modern day forces, and so there is an entire sub division within the field of architecture which exclusively caters to these needs. 

A beautiful city that has some incredible architecture is Edinburgh.  Architects Edinburgh is in charge of keeping the city just as beautiful as the time goes past.  Edinburgh has some beautiful places within its many areas such as Old Town, New Town and Leith.  It also has some gorgeous architectural masterpieces in the form of vintage museums and ancient libraries.  The Old Town, especially, has carefully maintained and taken care of every medieval building that was built in it, giving it a beautiful atmosphere.  Many of these buildings are in fact reformation era constructions, which make them very valuable.  Buildings such as Saint Giles’ Cathedral are one of the most beautiful and carefully conserved places in it. 

If the architecture of a city is beautiful and well taken care of, the people immediately take on its characteristics.  After all, the place a person lives in tends to have a lot of effect on them. The fact that every building and tree surgeon in Edinburgh is loved and cared of by its inhabitants also reflects upon the loving and caring characteristics of the people. 


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